Sean McCarthy


Instructor: Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy is a qualified Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer with 15 years experience in training.

Sean McCarthy is a Great Britain World Association of Kickboxing Organization Team Member and has won numerous national and international titles.

Sean fights for Team SWAT this consists of finely tuned athletes from the various arts of martial combat including Karate, Kickboxing, Tae-Kwon-Do, Boxing, Kung-Fu, Judo & Akido. As well as being highly adapt in a variety of martial skills the team are incredibly knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, diet and body dynamics making Team SWAT more than just martial artists but true ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle.

Spirit, Wisdom, Attitude and Temperament! Team SWAT! 




Name: Sean McCarthy

Date of Birth: 16th July 1987

Occupation: Self-employed Personal Trainer/Martial Arts Instructor

Time Training: Since 1994

Martial Arts Teams: WAKO Great Britain Team, Team SWAT, Team SKF Karate and Team Kickboxkarate

Current Instructors: Tony Cashman, Jacey Cashman and Guy Hamilton.

Previous Instructors: Steve Foot, Chris Parkman and John Lock.

Styles Studied: Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing and Tai Chi



I started Martial Arts at the age of 7 at Dorking Freestyle Sport Karate Club under the instruction of Steve Foot, Chris Parkman and John White.  I was one of the first junior members of Dorking Freestyle, after training for a year, I was already addicted, but taking part in my first competition at 8 years old was a turning point for me. I loved every moment, the sweat, the tears and the glory. My most memorable achievement was conquering the Americans in my first International Competition by winning the 2001 US Open and at 16 years old joining the best team in the world Team SWAT. Specialist fighting techniques training with Tony and Jacey Cashman aided my transition from Junior to Adult competition.  I have, even from 8 years old, had dreams and goals and have already realised some of them but still have so much still to do!


·         Great Britain Martial Arts 1st Degree Black Belt

·         Amateur Martial Associations WAKO member

·         Amateur Martial Associations WAKO Insured and Licence Instructor

·         Public Liability up to £5m and Professional Indemnity to 2m

·         Premier Personal Training, Personal Trainer Level 3

·         Currently completing a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

·         A-level in Physical Education an Sport

·         Sports Coach UK- Video and Analysis

·         Sports Coach UK- Community Sports Leaders Award

·         Lifesavers Institute Of Qualified Lifeguards Qualification

·         Fist Aid at Work

·         Myosis First Aid in Sport



Major Achievements (just to name a few):

  • Italian Golden Glove Gold
  • Irish Open Bronze
  • Battle of Britain Challenge Gold
  • UK Open Champion Gold x2
  • British Sports Martial Arts Premiership Grand Champion
  • Irish Open Champion Gold x2
  • Belgium Open Champion Gold x2
  • WAKO Kickboxing GB Adult team member since 17years old
  • Irish (Cork) International Team Kickboxing Champion
  • Italian Open Bronze Male Individual and Open Weight
  • WAKO Holland Silver and Gold
  • Best Fighter Italy Bronze
  • GB WAKO Championship (Light) Silver

  • Open Champion Gold

  • South East Classic Gold x4

  • GB WAKO Championship (Points) Silver

  • Clash of The Titans (Team) Gold

  • Amerikicks International Bronze

  • WAKO West Midlands Seniors Gold

  • WAKO West Midlands Cadets Gold

  • Irish Open Bronze

  • Belgium Open Champion Gold

  • Super League Grand Champion x2

  • Battle of Britain Challenge Gold

  • UK Open Champion Cadets Gold

  • UK Open Champion Seniors Gold

  • WAKO West Midlands Open Gold

  • WUMA British Championship Silver

  • BSMAP Boys Grand Champion

  • BSMAP Seniors Grand Champion

  • US Open World Champion Gold


Additional Achievements

  • GBMAA Student of the Year

  • Mole Valley Sports Personality Winner

  • Mole Valley Sports Personality (nominee)

  • Mole Valley Youth Showcase Award Winner Youth Professional Award

  • Superleague Hall of Fame Award

  • Great Britain Martial Arts Association 1stDegree Black belt

  • The Ashcombe School Sports Personality

  • Combat magazine coverage in various articles

  • Martial Arts Illustrated magazine coverage in various articles

  • Saturday Night Live at the London Palladium

Shows and TV

  • Saturday Night Live at the London Palladium
  • Thames News
  • Combat32 Fight night

 Sean’s Quotes


Every path must build a way, every step must be small, every fall must be overcome, everything must matter, only then can you say that in every way you are getting better.”


Believe in what you teach and others will believe it too.”


Why do we do our sport?

It’s not the winning or the losing, it’s not the training or the sport, and it’s not the good times or the hard times. I do feel these contribute to why us athletes do our sport but I feel the real reason why we really do it is the competition the pure exhaustion you put your body through for that one focus in our lives that one goal this is why we do it and then I ask what do we gain from this? Imagine you have trained so hard mentally and physically that you suddenly reach that moment when winning does not matter anymore surely that is a gain in itself. We are athletes look upon this when times are hard when times are great this is you alike me competition is what makes us great.”


Fighting is beautiful; it is an illustration of one’s thoughts therefore sweat is a physiological result of one’s passion, belief and ethics. At first glance there is only a winner or a loser. A true fighter is not made on the mat or in the spotlight, but in the commitment of their training. Fighting is not only about the number of punches thrown or the number of punches taken. It is the inner belief of one’s self.”



  • To pass on my knowledge and experience to allow others to reach their potential.
  • To better myself in every way of my life.
  • To continue in Martial Arts to the day I die.



Athlete Composition


Determination, Self belief, Spirit, Wisdom, Attitude and Temperament




5ft 9ins

Punch & Kick Speed:

Too Fast



Hours Training per week:

9 Hours

Favourite food:


Favourite Drink:


Role Models:

Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Lance Armstrong, Mum and anyone who has a strong passion or belief in someone or something.

Kickboxkarate Instructors

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