Kickboxing / Karate Class Dorking, Brockham & Beare Green Call Now: 07941 838 668
Kickboxing / Karate ClassDorking, Brockham & Beare Green Call Now: 07941 838 668

Kickboxkarate Martial Arts Dorking, Brockham & Beare Green 

Class Types

Kids under 7's

Age 4 to 7 years old

Beginners & Advanced

Want to help your children to gain new friends outside of school that keep them focused and inspire them to greatness? Why not enrol them in classes at Kickboxkarate at one of our locations in Dorking, Brockham or Beare Green? You’ll be able to set them on a great path from a young age.

Kids under 12's

Age 8 to 12 years old

Beginners & Advanced

A creative program specifically focused for the ages of 8 to 12 years with rewards and a friendly, fun atmosphere to channel any aggression and an opportunity make lifelong friendships.


13+ years

Beginners & Advanced

Professional, authentic, ethical and exclusive

Open your eyes to a ‘world / way’ you may not have even realised existed.

Ladies Only

KBK Girls Can 13+ years

Beginners & Advanced

All abilities of fitness welcome!

Improve your fitness levels with a rewarding Circuit training class. This class is a great way to stay in shape and lose weight. The sessions are fun and aimed at all levels of fitness even if you are new to exercise. Training in a group session will mean that you will get support and motivation from others who share your goals.

Family Class

All ages

Beginners & Advanced

A family that kicks together, stays together.

Join something amazing. Kickboxkarate is not just a martial arts club it is so much more. It is a big part of our members lives and guides our students to achieved more than they could believed they could.

Fight Class

Aimed at competitive fighting

Beginners & Advanced

Learn about yourself

At the heart of our fight club is a competitive (not aggressive) champion development program. Starting with a novice beginners level through to the most advanced international competitor.

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