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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start training at KBK?

You can start right away!  All we ask is that you book a class online or contact us prior to the session. Please try and arrive about 10 minutes before your first lesson and make yourself known to the instructor. If you have any medical conditions that may affect your training please let your Instructor know prior to the session.


What Should I wear?

Normally we train in our own Kickboxkarate uniform, but for your first lessons we would advise that you turn up wearing some comfortable loose fitting clothing, and at some classes please be prepared to train in bare feet.


Am I to old to start?

Certainly not! We have students in the club of all ages, and our classes offer many challenges which appeal to mature students.


Is my child too young to start?

We start teaching students from age 4 years old right up to adults. We also have different age groups so the younger kids can improve at their own rate focusing on the key skills and fundamentals that Martial Arts has to offer along with lots of fun. For safety reasons we don't teach kids any younger than 4 years old as each child needs a degree of coordination before they are ready to train.


Can I train with my Children?

Yes, please take a look at our family class for more information, which allow children and adults to train together.


Do I have to be fit to start Kickboxkarate?

You don't have to get fit to start training at Kickboxkarate. We have beginner classes suited to help you progress at a steady rate. It will improve your flexibility and will provide you with mini goals for your next level of training. As you get better you will train harder and your fitness will improve too.


Will Kickboxkarate help me defend myself?

Training contains many elements of self defence, and will improve your self confidence. We do practice various drills aimed at defending yourself.


How often should I come?

We have a variety of classes so the choice is yours. One class a week is sufficient, but students who train more than once a week tend to progress at a faster rate.


Do I have to take part in fighting competitions?

No fighting in competitions are not a compulsory part of training but more of an optional extra that some students wish to take part in. We do have a very competitive fighting squad that compete on the national circuit and international circuit.


Will I feel out of place to begin with?

It is natural that everyone taking up training for the first time will feel slightly nervous. Don't worry everyone else will too and the instructor recognizes this. 


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