Kickboxing / Karate Class Dorking, Brockham & Beare Green Dojo Call Now: 07941 838 668
Kickboxing / Karate ClassDorking, Brockham & Beare Green DojoCall Now: 07941 838 668

Other Instructors


Class Instructors and Helpers


Senior Instructors-

Black Belt class Instructors: Sean M, Kelly M, Gemma U, Ellah R


Junior Instructor-

Any Black Belt class Instructor 16 years and under: Jack W, Charlotte S, Ben T


Junior Assistant-

Any class helpers 17 years and under (Brown Belt +): Neva W, Ellie M, Isabella E, Jamie Y, Alfie F


Senior Assistant- Any class helper 18 years and over (Purple White +): June V, Elvis F, Ellie J, Kelly T, Anette J


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