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Grading Information


Kickboxkarate Club Grading's


Grading’s take place once every three months and may over run slightly for higher grades to complete their syllabus. A student can only grade with an Instructors approval. 


Grading Checklist:

  • Valid Licence Book
  • Appropriate Uniform and Current Belt
  • Payment for Grading
  • Sparing Equipment:

Grading to Yellow Belt and Above: Head guard & Gum shield

Grading to Orange Belt and Above: Gloves (Closed fingers)

Grading to Green Belt and Above: Shin Guards and Sparing Boots

  • Junior students will need 3 or more tags to grade (Pre grades going to white red or white yellow only need 2 tags): If you require more tags before you are grading then you will need to attend the grading practice / course as this is the last opportunity to gain your tag. In some cases students may require moe than three tags to grade.

If you fail to provide the above may result in the student being unable to grade or points deducted from their grading.


Grading’s above Brown Belt can only be obtained on courses. Other than in special circumstances, which only senior grading instructors can authorize.


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