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Winter Course 2018

Dear Participant(s),


This is a pre welcome to our 2018 Winter Course, welcome!…


Our Crawley Dojo will host this second of only two courses a year where students & instructors from across our SKF Alliance come together for Advanced Gradings & training.

For those grading all your hard work over many years of training will be tested, those not grading and everyone involved will be a part of a Martial Arts Training Course tradition. This weekend you will be pushed and challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. Embrace the challenge, anything worth achieving is difficult to attain. Above all enjoy it and lets have a great weekend.



SKF Dojo, 

Unit 15 Pelham Court, Crawley, RH11 9SH.


***Please note Parking - please respect our neighbour businesses & only park in bay spaces outside our Dojo and use the free parking at the Barton.



Saturday 15th

1:00pm Welcome Introduction (anyone late after this time receives burpees ;o)

1:15pm Fitness Program  


Adult Break

Juniors Kata & Fitness (Grading Marks)


Juniors Break

Adult Kata & Fitness (Grading Marks)

2:45pm Self Defence Work Shop (Grading Marks)

5:00pm 10x 2’s Pad Work Fitness Program

6:00pm Finish


Sunday 16th

9:45am Day Briefing

10:00am Run starts promptly (Anyone late is left behind)

11:00am Juniors return from run to begin Grading Marking Linework


Juniors Lunch

Adults return from run to begin Grading Marking Linework


Adults Lunch

Juniors continue grading marks

2:00pm Instructor Assessment Training

3:00pm Focus Mitts Pad Work (Grading Marks)

4:00pm Bag Work (Grading Marks)

5:00pm Sparring Starts (Grading Marks)

6:00pm Finish


Participants not grading will be involved in every aspect of the course.


Kits list (what to bring);

Active gear for fitness sessions and Martial Arts uniform for all grading aspects.

Drinking Water (Plenty of it)

Light Snacks (Saturday)

Lunch (Sunday)

Running gear/shoes

Change of clothes

Gi / Uniform for gradings

Full kit bag (i.e full set of pads, mouthguard etc)

Licence Book (should have already been handed in)

Plenty of Energy and excitement for the course :o) 


Most important of all the true spirit of a Martial Artist 


May the force be with you .

Looking forward to an awesome weekend.

2 Day Winter Training & Grading Course For Brown Belt & Above 15th &16th December

Venue:SKF Dojo Crawley RH11 9SH
Saturday 1pm Start - Finish by 6pm
Martial Arts Training, Grading Syllabus & Fitness
Sunday 10am Start - Finish 6pm
Morning Fitness Session, Completion of Grading Syllabus
Detailed program to be issued to all participants. Please ask for details for local accommodation.

***Summer & Winter courses are the ONLY opportunity for Advanced Gradings***

Cost £43 (Book online or with Instructor)
***Grading and Course Booking Deadline Sunday 9th December***
+ Optional extra • Grading fee
Once course paid, gradings must be booked and paid for by above date. Course booking non-refundable.

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