Kickboxing / Karate Class Dorking, Horsham, Brockham & Beare Green Call Now: 07941 838 668
Kickboxing / Karate ClassDorking, Horsham, Brockham & Beare Green Call Now: 07941 838 668

Plan of action for classes please note some venue changes this week:

Date: 18/03/2020
  • Wednesday 18th March – ALL CLASSES ON AS NORMAL


  • Thursday 19th March -Dorking Sports Centre (times as normal)


  • Friday 20th March- 6.00pm to 7.00pm kids class only venue change: Brockham Village Hall Club, Brockham Green, Surrey, RH3 7JT


  • Saturday 21st March- 9.45am to 10.45am venue change: Brockham Village Hall Club, Brockham Green, Surrey, RH3 7JT
• We are OPEN for classes at classes as usual, with extra measures in place as per current guidelines
• Please follow advice regarding any new symptoms and extra hygiene measures
• Our recent Colour Belt Club Grading results will be presented at class
• Again, thank you to all for your continued support
If you have missed training this week then you can follow our online training session here, we have decided to keep link active for the rest of the week.
Train at home link (members only) join this group:
I have been working tirelessly so that we will have lots more remote training coming soon so classes can continue for all of our paying members.
If you have not already liked, followed or subscribed to our Facebook page please do as it is where we will be posting remote training for if/when the time comes.
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