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COVID-19 and Kickboxkarate Martial Arts


Important announcement!


As the government has now taken the step to close schools, we must take the decision that from Friday 20th we will be switching over to virtual training until further notice it’s important to say class is not stopping! We just have to adjust to the new format of training from the home / garden.


We will still be running tonight’s class Thursday 19th March at Dorking Sports Centre with normal class times. After this we will be providing paying members with some awesome virtual training that can be done at home. Kids we will be having regular challenges, worksheets to tick off along with fun stuff that will aim to keep the kids busy at home so it would be great to see parents getting involved where possible to keep the kids learning! Let’s bring some positive light & energy to this and keep our martial arts family together! 


When this has all blown over we will be giving back to all our members who have continued to support the club during this difficult time. We understand that some of you may have difficulty with this so please get in contact if you do need to suspend payments until further notice. 


We just learn to develop and evolve using that black belt mentality. Sending out lots of love to all of our martial arts family stay healthy and safe.


Sean, Kelly, Sophia
& all of the KBK Instructors 


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