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Assistant Instructor Scores


Assistant Instructor Helper scores start back at class tonight.


Remember there are rewards for the highest scores!!!


We are looking for more Instructors and Assistants in our KBK Classes 

Get in contact if you are interested:



must be Brown Belt and above 



must be Purple White Belt and above and complete a DBS check before helping

Scores & Results


8 sessions or more over a 3-month period


Congratulations for completeing your first 3 months helping with over 8 sessions or more you will all be awarded with an Instructors T-shirt and certificate. If you need a new Instructor t-shirt please get in contact.


Current Overall Scores:


Highest Score

Charlotte Smith 91%


Neva White 90%

Jack Watkins 89%

Isabella Eng 89%

Ellie Milner 88%

Jamie Yates 88%

Ben Teasdale 87%

Alfie Foster 77%


Ellie Jackman (Adult N/A)

Kelly Teasdale (Adult N/A)

Elvis Fuller (Adult N/A)

Anette Jordan (Adult N/A)

June Vaughan (Adult N/A)


Elias Atiq (less than 7 sessions)


7 Sessions or less...

To qualify for a free Instructor t-shirt you need to complete 8 or more sessions with a score of 70% or more between the above 3 month period.


Overall Scores (last period): 


Elvis Fuller 91%

Jack Watkins 90%

Neva White 90%

Isabella Eng 90%

Ellie Milner 90%

Charlotte Smith 89%

Ben Teasdale 86%

Jamie Yates 84%

Paddy Mansbridge 83%

Nicholas kokolus 74%

June Vaughan (N/A)

Casey Whittingham 88% (less than 7 sessions)


Isabella Eng 90%

Jack Watkins 89%

Neva White 89%

Charlotte Smith 89%

Elvis Fuller 88%

Casey Whittingham 88%

Ellie Milner 88%

Ben Teasdale 85%

Jamie Yates 75%

June Vaughan (N/A)


Jack Watkins 91.66%

Neva White 88.33%

Elvis Fuller 87.14%

Isabella Eng 85.24%

Casey Whittingham 83.63%

Charlotte Smith 82.5%

Paddy Mansbridge 80%

Ellie Milner 78%

Ben Teasdale 76%

June Vaughan (N/A)




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