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Wednesday Class 5th June 2019

I have just received this message from Brockham Village Hall regarding the class tomorrow:


Hi Sean,

I've just found out that tomorrow from late afternoon the restoration company will be carrying out a procedure called "fogging" in the corridor next to the toilets. The area will be sealed off but I'm told some fog could affect the hall, if any one has breathing problems it may be a problem.
Therefore would you decide if you want to proceed with classes, of course you won't be charged if you don't. The advice from the workman suggests that it may be clear by the time of class but possibly will not.
I will still be planning on teaching the class tomorrow but I have to make everyone aware that anyone who trains does so at their own risk. If I do arrive and the hall seems unuseable then I will cancel the class. Please can all members use the toilets that are situated next to the stage area. 
Totally understand if any members decide not to train because of this. Please contact me if you need to.
Regards, Sean 
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