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Martial Artists are resilient, let’s take this fight to the virus, wipe it clean and show it what we are made of!

We have just sent the following message to our Instructors group and felt we wanted to share it also with our students to build confidence for our members, parents and visitors to our club, that we are doing everything that we should be at this time...


To all KBK Team,


In light of current events and the escalating situation we would like you to be aware of the following. We ask you to take appropriate care of your wellbeing. Follow all guidelines offered to you with regards to hygiene, hand washing and give students the appropriate time to ensure this is done. Please inform us immediately if you feel unwell with symptoms as per indicated on the NHS


We request you do not come to training should you be returning from any hotspot areas. As you will see we have taken appropriate action to reduce any contact risk in line with current UK policy. Carry your own hand sanitiser/wipes (if you find any!) There is currently NO need to alter anything else at training. However, we will notify you IMMEDIATELY should anything change and we have a contingency plan ready to action in accordance with the level required. Please reduce any interaction physically ie hand shakes, close contact in Self Defence etc.


Please talk to us for further clarification of any points.


Few changes to our classes in line with the above:

  • We will no longer be high fiving the under 7’s classes after the session has finished.
  • All students should wash hands both before class starts and when class finishes.
  • If you wish to wear indoor shoes at training, then you may do so on our mats.
  • I will be reducing the amount of equipment being carried around so it’s easier to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Ladies class we will need to wipe down weights before and after circuits along with washing hands.
  • Mats will be cleaned regularly.
  • Focus pads will be cleaned regularly.


Other than the above changes we will continue to run classes as normal...but our cleaning schedule has increased. What we're doing:

  • Equipment is being wiped down using antibacterial wipes after every class.
  • Matted areas are being wiped down using antibacterial cleaner after every class.

We have action plan in place that will fall in line with the government guidelines and will update members if the situation changes. Planning is in place so that if we do reach a lockdown scenario, we will be running martial arts classes daily online for our students. These classes will be a great way of keeping engaged and not missing out. Hopefully things will not turn out this way but if they do, we will work to ensure no one misses out on learning!

Wash Your Hands
Wash Your Hands
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