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Kickboxing / Karate ClassDorking, Brockham & Beare Green Call Now: 07941 838 668

KickboxKarate Code of Conduct

• All students must arrive at their training session in plenty of time

• All students must show respect by bowing when they enter and exit the dojo (training room)

• No jewelry is to be worn when training

• Students must not eat or chew once training has commenced

• Once they have become members of KickboxKarate, all students must wear the correct footwear, t-shirt, trousers and belt once it has been provided. Bare feet is permitted

• All students must be respectful of each other and their instructors

• No foul language is permitted during the training session

• Anyone found to be abusive, disrespectful or aggressive will be asked to leave the training session

• All students must have a valid license to train

• Students must have the appropriate safety equipment for their specific grade (see instructors for details)

• Mobile phones must be turned to silent before the class begins

Once you have become a member of KickboxKarate we would ask you to follow this code of conduct which is both in the spirit of martial arts and for your own health and safety.

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