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GB Point Fight Grand Slam

Sunday 17th June 2018 at K2 Crawley


Can all KBK Fighters please arrive for no later than 8.30am as I would like a team picture before we start. As we are hosting the event I (Sean) will be busy helping and working on the event. We have 103 entries from our clubs so I will have time to coach but may not be able to sit behind you all so please can we all look after one another on the day. I expect our more advanced students to help out our novice fighters making sure they are ready with the correct equipment, warmed up knowing when they are on before they compete. 


8:00am Doors Open

9:00am Official & Coaches Briefing
9:15am GB Grand Slam Welcome
9:30am First Divisions Start


GB Point Fight Grand Slam
Sunday 17th June 2018
K2 Crawley
Pease Pottage Hill
RH11 9BQ


GB Grand Slam Schedule / Running Order & Competitors in Divisions is now live on sportdata.

Schedule / Running Order


Competitors in Divisions…/se…/veranstaltung_info_main.php…


GB Grand Slam is a pre-registration ONLY event.
If you have not registered DO NOT turn up on the day to compete. 
Of course spectators welcome and can pay on the day.


The only thing we have to do is weigh competitors in, everyone has bands so no queuing.

No additions or changes to entries on the day. 
Drawsheets are generated 30mins before schedule division start time (this is the weigh-in cut off)

Competitors may move division only due to weigh-in process (ie need to move up if over weight class). Only if there was a technical management mistake can division drawsheets be redrawn.

2 or more entries the division happens (ie 2 Round Final, all classes / experience)

If only 1 entry;
A - Move up weight category (same class / experience)
....If not possible
B - Move up class / experience (same weight category) 
....If not possible
C - Move up class / experience as above & move up weight category


For GB Grand Slam Website- CLICK HERE


Last updated: 11/06/2018


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